Worms – the Nibelungen City is a centre for culture, tradition and zest for life. The Nibelungen City Worms is located in the middle of the Rheinhessen wine-growing region, in the heart of the Wonnegau area. And in the heart of Worms you will find the very personally managed Hotel ASGARD. The name is a remembrance of that legendary site where the gods of Germanic mythology lived.

Hotel ASGARD is ideal for business travellers as well as the starting point for all sorts of ventures in the surrounding area.

The • Nibelungenstraße (Nibelung Route) • Bergstraße (Mountain Road Route) the • Odenwald and the • Donnersberg are nearby and charming excursion destinations. But Worms itself attracts visitors with a wealth of historical sites for a discovery tour through one of the oldest cities in Germany. Whether you are interested in art, culture, nature or sports – we will gladly point out the many opportunities for you.